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LÄBIPAISTEV PLA TOPS 500 ml - 1000 tk




PLA is polylactic acid which is made from corn starch. This material is made from renewable resources and it is compostable & biodegradable. PLA is very unique material since it is made from corn and not from petroleum. Regular plastics is made from petroleum while PLA is made from corn based resins which makes PLA non toxic and annually renewable resources. Plastics products may take upto thousand years to degrade while PLA products biodegrade within 3-6 months in commercial composting facility.


PS! Lid and straw are not included.


PLA cold cups are suitable for serving various cold beverages at events and parties. You can match them with our plastic cup lid with Ø 97 mm. For cold beverages only from -20°C to 40°C.

1000 tükki


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Kuidas kasutada:

The PLA clear products are not heat resistant! Only up to 43°C. So, PLA products are good for cold products.

PLA is freezer safe, but PLA is not microwave safe!

PLA products will take up to 6 months to degrade in commercial composting facility. In home composting facility, it will take longer time.