We have added from 01.04.2021 to food store products that need special temperature for both storage and transport. These products comprise dairy and meat products, fresh vegan products and of course vegetables and fruits.

Home delivery of these products ALL OVER ESTONIA is 8 EUR. There is a special delivery schedule for these products.

NB! If the total weight of the order that contains refrigerated food exceeds 30 kg special delivery of 12 EUR for heavy good is applied automatically.

We SHIP all over the EU. We have clients from Finland, Sweden, Netherland, Germany and even UK. Shipping cost to Finland is always 12,99€. Shipping cost to other EU countries is 14,90€  when the package weight does not exceed 5 kg. When the package is heavier than 5 kilograms please ask for the shipping price offer before placing an order.

NB! There is no FREE EU shipping!

We removed all local OMNIVA and DPD parcel terminals from our shops due to bad quality of delivery. We do care about our clients and we want they would get their goods ASAP, so we chose Smartpost.

Smartpost parcel terminals are located at different places all over Estonia. For foreign orders we'll use national postal service. PS! Please ask shipping price if you package is more than 3 kg.

All our PRE-ORDER product will be processed on Thursday and Smartpost courier will pick them up on Friday. Packages will be in chosen parcel terminal on Saturday. Foreign packages will be delivered to your door or nearest post office.

Receiving the parcel

As soon as the parcel has arrived at the destination parcel terminal you'll get an SMS with all the necessary instructions. Instructions will be sent to the mobile phone number you listed to the order. Go to the parcel terminal and enter the code you received via SMS on the touch screen of the parcel terminal. The right locker will open and the parcel is yours! The package needs to be picked up within seven days from its arrival date to the parcel terminal.


All our PRE-ORDER product will be processed on Thursday and the courier will pick them up on Friday. Packages will be in given address on Saturday.

Receiving the package

The package will be delivered to the address you have listed in checkout. You can also add the comment if you have specific delivery times when you would like to get your package. In the morning of the day of delivery, you will get an SMS with the exact time of delivery to the mobile number you listed in checkout. The courier will call you several minutes before arrival.

The accuracy of the COURIER is about 60 minutes. If the courier fails to deliver the package to you at the first attempt, they will try one more time or you may choose the package to be delivered to the parcel terminal of your choice at no extra cost.