Our small family business grew out of our own need for natural and pure food. We, Valdo and Liina, did not like what we saw in supermarkets and decided to do something about it.

Here is Valdo’s story.
I used to be really overweight and that resulted in serval health problems. One day I decided to change my life. I changed my eating habits and started with moderate exercising. During the first 1,5 months nothing happened but I kept going and soon I started to loose weight. I watched that I didn’t loose more than 1,5-2 kilos per month and in 18 months I had lost 25 kgs. Suddenly the weight loss stopped completely and whatever I tried, nothing changed it. Then I discovered that it must be about the food. I did some investigation and soon came to the conclusin that the clue to healthy weight is organic food that is rich in nutrients and does not have any additives. After switching to natural food I lost another 8-9 kilograms and I am so happy with my physical form and health right now.

All this inspired us to start an organic food business and offer high quality food to everybody. We are what we eat and healthy eating is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to take care of your body and stay in goof shape for long years.

And here is the story of our other founder, Liina.
I have been more or less overweight for a considerable part of my life always finding excuses for not doing anything about it. Seeing my husband loosing weight and changing his lifestyle was the inspiration I needed. I decided that I want to look good and feel good. As most of us think, I used to think that loosing weight means starving and being hungry most of the time. I was so wrong. If you eat the right things you feel full and energetic.
The key is pure and natural food that does not contain preservatives, colours and extra sugar. Organic foof is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs. A real game changer for me was the natural sweetener erythritol that has 0 calories and you can’t tell the difference from regular sugar.

Since I changed my eating habits I lost 20 kilograms during 12 months and all this has happened without any serious effort. If you think organic food is expensive, think about all the stuff you leave on the supermarket shelves because it is full of added sugars and unhealthy additives. It’s not a diet - its’s a life style that you enjoy! Take care of yourself!